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Monday, April 23, 2012

Backyard Lilac

Fragrance triggers are like lightening bolts in our brain.DSC_0048

A memory so vivid it can take one’s breath away.DSC_0039

Brilliant - shining
Purple and white
Can there be
A more magnificent sight?

 DSC_0040Lilacs have an heirloom quality to them. DSC_0041

You can see them blooming in abandoned lots, having survived long after the homes they were planted next to have vanished. DSC_0041 I remember them growing across the street from my childhood home on the corner of a lot no one cared for.DSC_0042My father planted many in the backyard of our home….The lilacs now blooming in my backyard all trace their ancestry back to him.


You remind me, of years past, of happy times, of neighborhood friends, and Spring Festivals.


Little clenched fists of purple, waiting to burst forth
Tiny leaves of green unfold, proud to show their growth.
DSC_0044Your smell so fresh and clean, so light…so free. DSC_0045Blessed with blossoms to numerous to count DSC_0046Love flows best when it blooms………… DSC_0047

It’s amazing to see how much beauty God puts into a single lilac with its breathtaking beauty and aroma.

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