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Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Comes ~ Leaves Change Their Colors for Autumns Big Show!

To celebrate the first day of October…..we went to the canyon to capture the beauty of autumn.  DSC_0089

When you’re 15 months old, your life is free and interesting. Your eyesight is aligned with most adults’ kneecaps. You are constantly learning day-by-day. Everything is like something new, something to capture, and something to cling on to. The tire swing at the cabin is something to cling to….thank you Mommy and Halie for keeping me inside the swing as long as you could!


The leaves are beginning to change. The live electric green of summer is beginning to shrivel, molt and fall into shades of orange, yellow and brown. The trees are stretching their branches for the last time before they must face the season’s breeze bare and naked.DSC_0109So many family happenings take place around the dining room table,  leaving us with memories which shape our lives forever!


Four generations gathered today to celebrate the beginning of October.  Grandma and Grandpa…generation 1….generation 2 is taking the picture….generation 3 Ali and Jason….and our beautiful generation 4 Halie, Kendry and Brevin. 

The love of family is life’s greatest blessing. 


Nancy Mc said...

WOW! The coloring of the leaves...Beautiful. Love the pictures of the fam. TOO bad Generation 2 does not show up in the picture.

Cathy said...

October 8, 2011

Dear Alison,

This post is so beautiful! Sometimes, your posts bring tears to my eyes because I feel the love and emotion so strongly. I so appreciate your sharing the precious and sweet moments of your life. These are the things that memories and the feelings of love that endure through time are made of. I know that Grandpa Stefano and Grandma Caterina are smiling! We love you! May God bless you all.


Cathy and Steve