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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

16 Months of Love for Kendry

Dear Kendry

October has arrived! The days are slowly getting cooler and the nights are too. Even today, as you turn 16 months old, the weather has changed with thunder, lightning and rain! You too are growing and changing each day. Here are your stats for this month:

Weight:       22.5 lbs

Height:        30 5/8 inches

It seems like you learn something new all the time. You love to climb on things even more now! You can climb on the couch, the fireplace, the bathtub, and the chest at the bottom of Grandma and Grandpa’s bed is perfect for you to climb up on the bed with.DSC_0007DSC_0008 


You love climbing up the stairs, but we are still afraid to let you go down them by yourself.   You look so proud of yourself. We are proud so of you too!




And how about those 8 little teeth you now have.   We were wondering if it was ever going to happen, then all of sudden there are 8 of them! But…no you won’t show them to us when we ask!!!!


You have learned to point at what you want. It is adorable. You are showing us what would make you happy now. One of your favorite things is to grab onto our legs and push us forward to where you want to go.   You also love to grab our hands and lead us around the house. You most often take us to the door leading to the garage! You want to go go go……outside and play or even in the car now. It is really cute. We love that you will get into your car seat without arching your back and giving us the word about not wanting to do it! You even take long trips now and seem to love being on the go!

We are trying to encourage you to use words but you just aren't ready for that yet. Everything is just Mama…Mama…..Mama…. We know that you understand lots more than just Mama,  because you will come running if we ask you if you want a taste of a cookie.   You also love to look up in the sky and watch the airplanes fly by..you even make the sign for plane when you hear them.  Loud sounds seem to scare you, Grandpa showed you the fire detector and you love to push the light button yourself, but if Grandpa pushes the alarm you grab on with all your might around his neck. 

You have become a much better eater. With that said, it is still a challenge to get you to eat vegetables.  (but you love the tomatoes right out of the garden!)DSC_0120

You have this thing about eating more than one food at a meal. Whatever you start off eating is what you want. You throw everything else on the floor. It can get pretty messy around here! And you don’t mind the mess at all! Your favorite new food this month was Tofu…imagine that!  DSC_0004 DSC_0006

Speaking of messy, you have become so helpful around the house! You love to sweep. You think that the broom is the greatest thing ever. You love to dust too! Mama gives you a dusting towel and you go to town!  We are trying to teach you to put your toys away each night, but you seem to think that is not your job at all.   As soon as we put everything away….out it comes again!   And the cupboards are no longer safe…Grandpa is going to get locks on them this week!

DSC_0121 DSC_0122

Sleeping is another issues.   You are getting much better and you don’t drink any milk through the night, but you still want someone to be right by you all night….just in case you lose that “BOBO”!   You are sleeping about 10 hours a night, with a few wake up seconds for a quick drink of water!   Now about that napping issues….what happened to 2 naps a day?   You were so good about 2 ---two hour naps until this week.  You still take one really good nap in the morning, which means by 6 o’clock in the evening you are rubbing your eyes and want a cat nap to keep you awake until 10 (or later!).   Maybe cold winter nights will help with an earlier hour bedtime???


I love having you with me everywhere I go and seeing your face when you experience new things. There really is no greater joy.   I can't imagine life without you.  You are so independent and strong but I cherish those moments where you come up to me and collapse in my lap for a cuddle or climb up me for a beso.  You do this with Grandma too and I often come home on your 'Grandma days' to find you all cuddled up to her. I love the relationship you two have already. You truly are a great hugger and kisser.   We can’t get enough of those big squeeze hugs and besos…even your teddy bear gets to enjoy your love!

You are such a comedian!  You always make sure you have our attention then you like to dance in funny ways and walk like a robot.  We laugh so much  sometimes we cry.  You know every show on the Sprout channel…and you still just jump up and down with delight when Patty Pig comes on.  You can even say her name!  You love to play with all your fun toys, especially your cars as you drive them across the floor making the car sound……where did you learn to do that???

Look how much fun you have with Grandma’s books……every day!


You are so much fun to play with in the back yard, you still love the water and now that the tomatoes are ripe you pick them and will eat 6 of them without stopping (yes, they are little Sun Gold Tomatoes …your favorite!)

As another season begins, I realize that the time just flies by. I can't believe that summer is over and fall has taken over. We have had a great time this summer, you and me. We love to  laugh about the days, things you have done, and new things you are doing.  Then we know to  thank God for such an amazing little man. I can't imagine spending my days any other way. You are my best buddy and I love you so much. My heart just can't contain itself.

I love you to the moon and back,

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C. Weber said...

October 8, 2011

Dear Alison,

I left a comment; however, it has disappeared!

So, I will leave another.

I can feel your love for Kendry and your life! I hope that you and Kendry are well. I love you too. I really enjoy this blog that you and your mother have created. It helps me to feel closer to you all. May God Bless you all.