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Thursday, June 25, 2015


honeycomb copy

  • impatient
  • don’t try hard enough
  • have wrinkles
  • OH THAT HAIR….too short, too thin…ostrich feathers!
  • weight gain is out of control
  • not a good mother
  • never enough good food in the fridge or the right kind of food
  • my kitchen is a mess
  • my office is a jumble of papers, files, etc etc etc
  • I don’t read anymore
  • and my yard…heaven help those struggling plants
  • ungrateful
  • selfish
  • lazy
  • my car is a mess inside and out
  • always running behind
  • not a good example
  • not faithful enough
  • too sensitive
  • take things very personally
  • don’t make others feel loved enough
  • not organized

Will I ever be ENOUGH?

Where do I even start to heal from this negative talk that goes on in my head?

Perhaps just for today I will try to fix one of the things on this never ending list of negative thoughts.  

Today, I will fix this mess.
I will find a way to organize the office so it won’t continue to be a mess. I will wash the pan and put the dishes away and burn a beautiful candle so that I enjoy being in this room….and maybe the words of the poem will leave my head!

Little Orphant Annie’s come to our house to stay,
An’ wash the cups an’ saucers up, an’ brush the crumbs away,
An’ shoo the chickens off the porch, an’ dust the hearth, an’ sweep,
An’ make the fire, an’ bake the bread, an’ earn her board-an’-keep;
An’ all us other childern, when the supper things is done,
We set around the kitchen fire an’ has the mostest fun
A-list’nin’ to the witch-tales ‘at Annie tells about,
An’ the Gobble-uns ‘at gits you
Ef you

1 comment:

Nancy Mc said...

I know I have a negative 'tape' playing in my head all the time.
You are enough! You are kind, caring, sensitive, thoughtful and loving.
I read a quote that went something like this: If you are not enough for the people around, change the people around you.
You are loved! You are only 1 person, and even you can only do SO much before you are worn to a frazzle.
Be enough for yourself. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself enough!