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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Can it Be…..5

Somehow this little man turned five today. FullSizeRender (41)

You have given me so much joy these past five years.

You’ve made me so proud over and over again. There’s so many things I love about you and so many reasons I feel lucky to be your mom. So, in honor of your 5th birthday, I thought I’d share just a few.


You love having breakfast in the hot tub.

You love collecting model cars, trains, airplanes & helicopters

Your confidence in the swimming pool is amazing….and your fears of anything about BUGS

The way you snuggle up to anyone and listen attentively when we are reading stories. Can we ever read enough “Fly Guy” stories!!!!

How you help make the bed every morning…without even being asked, and you are so very proud of yourself…just like you should be!

Your love for sushi…mommy taught you well!

You can sleep in until everyone else in the house is awake…love those late morning weekends!

Your absolute adoration for me. I feel it every day and I hope it will never go away (even though I know it may).

Your ability to break down in hysterical tears over a stubbed toe, tiny scratch, and then instantly turn it off with the slightest distraction.

Those times when you watch a movie and shout out the script with such incredible enthusiasm, you’d think you were an actor in the movie…..with every part memorized perfectly!

That you still check to make sure I won’t leave your side, like when you recently got your haircut and wanted to make sure I was right there!

That you can dressing yourself completely from head to toe…and everything matches!

How you love to help in the kitchen…especially in the sink during cleanup!

How much you love your family, your cousins (Brothers as you call them), your grandparents…and me!

I love that you have the ability to make any second of my day so much better with a simple hug, smile, and giggle!

Here are your stats for 2015

Height: 47 inches….wow you are in the 96th percentile!

Weight:  41 lbs

This year seems like such a big boy year.  The year he makes his official transition from that baby/toddler/preschool stage to the  “I can’t wait to go to Kindergarten” stage…and believe me, he reminds me daily!


My heart longs to keep you little.  I want to take naps with you at 2 everyday for the rest of our lives.  I want to have cuddle mornings where you slips in my room and crawls under the sheets with me and we watch Curious George for an hour before finally getting up.

I want to take you to the playground and race and hear you whine when I say, “Time to get going!”.

I want you to come, right when I am in the middle of something, and ask me ever so sweetly if I will please play cars with you.

I want these days to last a long time and they are just flying by too quickly.

But then, I look at the excitement in your eyes.  The way you look at me and smile your HUGE smile when you says, “I am FIVE!  I am a man now Mommy!” FullSizeRender (45)

Yes, you are my sweet baby.  You are becoming a man and as much as this Mama has a heartache over her bitty baby growing up, she is ecstatic for all the new things you will learn and all the incredible experiences you will have that you will remember forever.
I love when you say, “Mommy, are you really sad that I am five now?”

“No baby, I am excited for you because this year is going to be the most exciting one yet!”

As I hold back the tears.

Here is my sweet Kendry, as best we can capture him…he doesn’t hold still long enough to catch much.   Pictures are the only things that can freeze time.  I want to take way too many of them so that one day when I am old and he is old, I can pull these photo’s out and remember the days we fell asleep holding each other’s hands and arguing about who loved who the most.

FullSizeRender (42)FullSizeRender (44)FullSizeRender (43)

Thank you Jesus for this precious one.  I will love him to the moon and back forever. xoxo Mommy

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