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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sidewalk Library

Little Free Library

For many many years I have been a Booker…(I would go to DI or Savers and spend hours) browsing through used books to bring home to my library.  Thus I have shelves and shelves of books that are just waiting to be shared with others.   

Our April 2014 Newsletter from our city had this article:

‘Little Libraries’
Sprouting Up this Spring
You may have noticed what look like very large birdhouses popping
up around your neighborhood. Happily, looking inside the box, you’ll
find children’s books, rather than birds, and they are known as ‘little
The Davis Community Learning Center, 210 E. Center, has been working
with three Eagle Scouts, along with other volunteers, to make these little
neighborhood libraries a reality. According to Merri Ann Perkins, Davis
Community Learning Center Coordinator, children can visit any of these
boxes and pick out a book. When they are done with the book, they simply
return it and pick out another. Anyone can put children’s books in
the boxes that they no longer want.

The libraries are located at:                     
• 152 N. Terrace Dr.
• 140 S. Lindon St.
• 125 S. 350 E.
• 200 S. Locust St.,
Clearfield Community Church
South Parking Lot
• 162 Sycamore Circle
• 442 S. State Clearfield Mobile Home Park
• 538 E. 250 S.

There are still
some little libraries
available. If you would
like to have one to put
up on your property
call Sheena Evans at
the Davis Community
Learning Center,
(801) 402-8387
or email shevans@
dsdmail.net. They will
even provide some
books to get it started!   

We called, received,(with the help of Halie and Sheena carrying it to our car) and planted our Little Library in our parkway.

So excited to share with our neighbors….or anyone who drives by and wants to enjoy a book!

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