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Thursday, April 3, 2014

If Hooks Could Kill

If Hooks Could Kill
The setting of this novel is Tarzana, California.   The city was named after the character “Tarzan of the Apes,” and is a tribute to the creator Edgar Rice Burroughs.  After the success of his novel he was able to purchase a large ranch north of Los Angeles and named it Tarzana.  The citizens of the community that sprung up around the ranch voted to adopt the name when their town was incorporated in 1928.
This is the 7th book in the Crochet Mysteries by Betty Hechtman.   I have not read any of the previous novels, but picked right up on the story line in this one, as well as all the quirks of the characters.
Molly Pink and her pals from the Tarzana Hookers must stitch together the clues after one of their own group is murdered (Kelly)! The story is set in the delightful and cozy bookstore where Molly works, Shedd and Royal Books & More. The “& More” in the store's name alludes to the fact that the crochet group meets there weekly and would probably sleep there if allowed, according to the owner.
Lots of offbeat characters that will make you laugh your way through. One in particular is Pink's friend Adele with her outlandish outfits and her own foray into sleuthing. Then there is Barry's ex wife Jamie, who continually looks down her nose at Pink and is making Mason's life miserable.  Okay lets review the list of just a few of the characters:
Molly Pink – who was in a relationship with Barry, and is now in a relationship with Mason
Adele – who is the “Must Be In the Spotlight” personality – in a relationship with Eric
Dinah – level headed friend and partner in sleuthing.
Kelly – wife of Dan – affair with North Adam – Can make a bullion stitch to perfection!
Dan – Kelly’s husband – owner of Hollar for a Dollar!
Barry – LA detective who was shot in the line of duty – Kelly’s ex and now her roommate
Mason – Kelly’s latest – an attorney
Nanci Silver –neighbor who doesn’t want the film crew in the neighborhood…. partner with Dan
North Adams – star of L.A. 911 – involved with Kelly but doesn’t want to admit it.
Peter & Samuel – Molly’s sons  - Peter is North Adams agent
Stone Thomasville – Kelly’s brother and a surfer
Many more with minor roles ….
The group is preparing to sell their hand-crocheted items at a town-wide festival, Jungle Days, and is hoping newcomer Kelly will make good on her promise to supply them with handicrafts for their table. Kelly is evasive from the beginning and on their second trip to the woman's house they ask her for her items and she quickly hands them over to them after someone knocks on her front door. Within the hour Kelly is found dead by her husband Dan. Even with the production company in the area, no one saw or heard anything and Molly is afraid there will be no justice for Kelly. So she takes matters into her own hands in spite of the protestations of her house guest (Barry and his son Jeffrey) and possible new boyfriend.
Myself…I’m not all that good with a crochet hook, but I come from a long line of excellent knitters, crotchetiests(not a word), and quilters.  But with the star of the novel being an event coordinator..well that is right up my alley and I really did love the book!
Here are the two recipes that are in the back of the novel and yes, I’ve tried them both with delight! 
Molly's Mac Cheese and More
Molly's Hurry Up Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar
My changes to this cookie bar….1/2 tsp salt, add 1/2 tsp baking soda, bake in 9 X 13 pan at 325 degrees.
Collage If Hooks

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