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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Always Exhausted!

Tired is my way of life….and for some reason I have not only been tired….
I could make a very long list of complaints….but I don’t think that would cure how I feel, in fact it just zaps the energy from me even more.  Sometimes even blessings make me exhausted…like this handsome little guy who has energy beyond words!
When I became his mom I knew that life would not slow down around me…Laundry piles up, meals need to be prepared, dishes need to be washed, and of course shopping needs to be done. 
So how do I survive…I have gathered tips from a few of my best sources (THE GRANDMA, being #1) and the first one was to :
Pray Often – and know that I am not alone!
Galations 6 9
Here are 12 tips to follow…Not one of these ideas is earth shaking….in fact (said source has been giving me this advice for years!)
1.  Drink water

We drive several miles to get fresh water from an artesian well. and  I’ve learned (BEEN TOLD)that drinking a glass of water in the afternoon can give me an energy boost.  If I don’t intentionally drink a few glasses of water during the day, I get dehydrated without even know it…..problems that arise headache, dehydration, and KIDNEY STONES…not fun!

2.  Get dressed and ready first thing
Getting out of pj’s some days is a real fight. Staying in pajamas makes me feel like all I want to do is lay back down on the couch and sleep the day away.  On week days I always lay my clothes out the night before in order to save me the hassle of choosing what I will wear the next day…I need that in my weekend routine as well. 
3.  Find time to EXERCISE
I am not a gym rat by any means…….walking around the block with my little guy pedaling away on his bike has become an evening  event.   Not sure if that can be called an exercise program, but it is a start! 
4.  Eating a healthy diet
This should come easy for me…after years of Type 1 diabetes, I should understand the importance of a healthy diet.  A weekly menu is a great way to plan ahead.  Healthy food is fuel for the body to keep you energized.

5.  Drinking Tea
We love tea at our house…we have a shelf in the pantry dedicated to all kinds of flavors.  My favorite Lipton Honey Lemon is my go to drink in the morning for the drive to work.    Tea also sooths away those stomach aches that so often find their way to my body. 
6.  Turn off the electronics…
Yes, I am addicted to my electronic devices.   I know that it zaps the energy right out of me and it keeps me very disconnected from the important things in life….while keeping me connected to the important things in my life.  This will be a big challenge for me…starting small, turning them off for just 1 hour in the evenings will probably do amazing things for all of us!
7  Clean one area of the house
Several years ago I did a 40 day purge of my home….it was exhilarating and I loved how I felt after I had cleaned just one kitchen drawer.  With a new summer semester of school starting in May, I know I need to stay organized to keep my energy level up!  A cluttered house will drain the energy faster than anything, it destroys serenity.  I might not have the energy to do a big cleaning list, but I can leave every space a little better than the way I found it.  Even small accomplishments give a tiny energy surge to keep me rolling through the day.
8.  Get Outside
A breath of fresh air does great things for the body.  20 minutes in the sunshine will boost your energy levels to a new high.  Finding time at least once a day to get outside and take in the fresh air will change how I feel for the entire day.
9. Rest with Little Man
Watching a movie while cuddling on the coach is a great way to relax.  We all need a break once in a while.  During the summer, I love taking a nap the same time my little guy does.  20 minute cat naps also invigorate the body!   That’s what they do in Spain, Italy and Mexico every after noon, if it works for them….it works for me!
10.  Visit with a Friend
Being around little people all day can completely drain the life out of me.  I love having adult conversations once in awhile….even if it is just texting or chatting on Face Book.   Planning a once a month activity with friends is a great way to rev up the body!
11.  Listen to music
The sound of music through the house can do wonders for the attitude and energy level I feel.  If I need to do some cleaning I put on something with a fast beat which always gets me moving.   If I am over anxious I always put on a song of worship and praise and I instantly feel better. 
12.  Serve Others
Always be on the look out to provide value to someone, if you make this a habit you will never be drained. It will lift you up and give you even more energy then you had before.

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