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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Trails of Weber County

Sometimes I end up in places that I never imagined or never expected.  This beautiful hideaway is probably known by many…but never by me!  Today it was a healer for my soul.  There was no hurry up we must get somewhere in this day. 
The sounds of nature, the water rushing over rocks and around bends, and the birds singing to their hearts content…gave my soul life!
FullSizeRender (49)
The boys were enjoying every minute of this time spent outdoors!
FullSizeRender (50)
and that unwilling eater even took several bites of a sandwich, enjoyed a piece or two of apple, and plenty of water and apple juice to quench his thirst!
FullSizeRender (51)
The sound of the train yard crashed with loud booms!
FullSizeRender (52)
Years of weather have come home to rest here.
FullSizeRender (53)
and progress continues to make our life easier…Grandma…Look look…it’s Frontrunner!
FullSizeRender (54)
Harmony and connection…these two boys love spending time with each other.
FullSizeRender (55)FullSizeRender (56)
I can’t imagine the lives that are lurking in shrubbery or water…I won’t venture in to find out!
FullSizeRender (57)
I am a rookie bicyclist…dirt and gravel pose somewhat of a threat to me…but on this all or nothing journey…silent prayer, deep breath and pedal on!
FullSizeRender (58)
a warning from the “MEN”   wooden bridges can be just as hazardous….

FullSizeRender (60)FullSizeRender (59)

~ I survived….and will do it again…and I will remind myself that  God doesn’t need me to achieve for him, but he’s inviting me to receive from him.

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Nancy Mc said...

Ditto to loving the trails in WC. We take that trail too. It if fun for the kids with lots of interesting things to see along the way.