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Saturday, July 25, 2015


Tastes and Sights ~ Thursday afternoon we journeyed on over to Layton Park for an event we didn’t know has taken place for 5 years now! 

-   Restaurants from all over Layton come and share samples of their culinary skills.  Tickets are a dollar each and the price of each item is from 1 – 5 tickets. 

K wanted to take a nap before we left…but just couldn’t get his eyes to shut so off we go…….
It was a beautiful afternoon and the sights, smells, and sounds made me realize that every day I want to take time to stop, listen, look, and appreciate what’s going on around me. At any time I may stop.  Just stop and absorb my environment. Today was no exception….
Take Notice Be curious. Catch sight of the beautiful….of course that’s shoes for me!
Peanuts…have a life of their own for K.   As soon as he saw the package his eyes were bright with imagination.   They become fireworks, airplanes, boats, food only to name a few!   His ballpark favorite every time!
Friends and family sharing some happy times..and look what friend we happened to find there!  Hello Mr. Combie!
We will definitely find our way back here another year.  
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