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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Modus Operandi ~ A Great Weekend


Weekend mean down time at our home!  With the busyness of the week, I know hugga mugga just wants to snuggle a little longer in bed and to be reassured that he is loved.   He wants to spend time with me and I want to let him know that our life can be full without being on the go every minute of every day! 

Connections…we love to get together with friends!  With the sun shining so brightly this morning we threw together a picnic and headed to the park!

Forest Green Pak 1

Forest Green Park

Tia brought….Orange Cottage Cheese Salad and

A Veggie Tray!


FullSizeRender (23)

It’s the little things……..simple pleasures ..it means filling our days with down-time together, finding easy ways to be of service to our loved ones and communities, taking care of our home and each other.  The sprinklers are turned on, the grass is getting green, and we are ready to enjoy summer!

Isacc, Ruby & Kendry


Our recipe for a perfect weekend:

1. Morning cuddles

2. Breakfast of our favorite waffles with strawberries and whipped cream!

3. Finding time to laugh….his favorite things to do…”Make others laugh!”

4, We tried to do a little laundry this morning…our first disaster of the day!   Lint all over the dark clothes!  OOPS!

5. Get ready for a picnic in the park…..

6. Home for some very needed rest and watch our favorite Curious George episode!

7. A very light dinner ….after all that picnic we don’t need much!

8. A bath is definitely needed after all that outdoor play time!

9.  Time to read our favorite book and have a bottle of Brand New Milk…

10.  Off to sleep so we can start Sunday Morning off right….Church early in the morning!

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