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Thursday, April 23, 2015

I’m That Generation

Summer is coming and that means “65” for me….it’s that age right?   Now I’m thinking *(Sometimes I want to do it out loud!) What is appropriate for a woman my age to be wearing in the summer!  
Can I still wear shorts?

What about my blouse…can it be sleeveless…Spaghetti straps not ever an option!

Is my hair the right color.

short-hairstyles-for-grey-hair-65-13   This works for her…but I’m scared really scared to even think about it!

When should I just accept the fact that I’m grey or is it gray …you know that intermediate color between black and white!

crowsBeforeAnd these wrinkles…I don’t even want to go there with the number of creams/crème, ointments, and dollar signs! The pictures always show glowing results…me not so much!

All the above questions at the top of my list for a very good reason or two, three, four!

Heaven help us…I don’t have the legs I used to, not even close.  Those thighs are no longer taut and beautiful more like loosen and gathering all wrinkly – don’t want to call it elephant-like skin around my knees, but that is pretty much what I see.   And then there is the buttocks or lack there of!   Not riding to proudly like it used to.  I do have plenty of that stuff they call cellulite…it is coming up like dandelions in the entire backyard!  On a very serious note…how many glasses of water can I drink during the day and still ……let’s don’t even go there!

Moving forward….Looking in the mirror has put so much fear into me that I have had several of them removed from the bedroom!  Is that bad luck…no I didn’t break them…just tossed them out!

Here’s another problem…my reaction to others’ of my age who expose their skin…this is where I have to really not think out loud!  So if that is how I feel…shouldn’t my standards be yup…time to give up the look yourself!  I do so admire the healthy sixty-something lady hiking Zion’s Park in her cute khakis, but shudder when I see someone with cut-off sweats riding high in the butt crack.

The mirror being the liar that it is, I started asking around for advise. This, too, was conflicting and unhelpful.

My daughter…. “Why the hell do you care so much?” (Oh, just you wait miss bubble butt!)

My son…..”Accept what is!”

The DH…..Oh, I’ll love you no matter what. (He’s really good at dodging does-this-make-my-butt-look-big traps,or didn’t you even notice I changed hair color today?   so his opinion doesn’t count in this matter, but it's sweet nonetheless.)

Today….new glasses, sleeveless…and a new hair color!  Picture by Kendry…don’t have a clue how he got it to do this!



Take me like I am, er leave me be!


Nancy Mc said...

We are ever critical of ourselves. Agree 100% about the creams or is it cremes that take years away. NOT!
Be yourself. Wear what you want. We each get to decide for ourselves what is appropriate. We don't get to say things to others when they wear 'inappropriate' stuff. So others don't get to say it to us. Who cares anyway?

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful inside and out!
-Vickie :)