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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Letter Day Kk

King K

Beautiful day in the neighborhood and what a fun time to work on our alphabet letter K…Not a difficult one for us to learn!  We took King Kendry to pet  baby goats~ KIDS!

Goat Kids

We ate KFC’s kid meals for lunch at the train park. 

We came home, napped, played, and then prepared a very delicious dinner! Believe me…can’t go wrong with Kabobs!


Look at these pics!


We had the King’s favorite kabobs, fruit kabobs (which we are also sharing with preschool class tomorrow), Kiwi Strawberry Capri Suns… and Kit Kats for dessert! Scrumptious! We are going to have to do some karate kicks to keep off the extra pounds!
K day was Krazy….maybe for a late night snack we will visit Krispy Kreme??? Oh heaven forbid!

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