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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Budget Friendly Christmas for DH

Since DH doesn’t read my blog very often….I have no fear in sharing my Christmas gift to him….I think it is more for me so I remember what each

month is bringing!   

Here is the front cover ready for Christmas morning!


I used the 12 Days of Christmas song to generate the ideas….customized to things that I know we both enjoy doing.  Each month will have a gift card ready….I didn’t buy them ahead of time, because I hate that some place put a date on how soon they must be used.

Dates 1 – 3 Smoothies, Dinner & Dessert, French Fries…


Dates  4 – 6 Anniversary Night, 5 Nights of Gold Rush (maybe a visit to Jareds), KFC….and hmmmm!!!



Dates 7 – 9 Swimming, Milk Shakes, Baseball Game


Dates 10 – 12 Halloween Trick or Treating, Concert & Hot Chocolate, A Christmas Surprise!


Back Cover….this year has had many good, bad, and wonderful days…We truly made ours a wonderful marriage this year!   We found the time we needed to work through our pain.  We faced hard truths. We let go of years of bitterness. We learned how to anchor our respect for one another.  And we found a wellspring of hope in the midst of our healing.


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