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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Can You Tell Finals are Coming?


When you are on campus at 5:00 in the evening!10100347314_44150ab042_c

When you stop at the corner salon to have someone else do your hair in the morning, afternoon, or evening!


When I wear my sweats and uggs every day ….all day!


When the computer room looks like this………P1110404

and this…….P1110406

When the math hub looks like this…..quick there is one computer unoccupied!Math Hub

and I go to bed looking like this…….Ali in bed

and wake up to start all over again because I am determined that I will get through this come hell or high water!

The Little Man that I live with told Grandma yesterday, “Grandma, I am not going to pre-school because you have to do math all day!”  So they came home and jumped in the leaves!  The days of youth are so valuable!   10459487976_3228df67f7_c

I’m so lucky to be able to share them with my little guy, even with working full time and trying to finish up my degree it is all worth it…. so I can provide a sweet life! ……. “All for him!”

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