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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kendry Hates…..FLIES


This is not a new fear by any

means…but this year flies

have certainly been a problem

for us!   Since today was actually ‘Face Your Fears” day…we had a talk about this annoying insect!

Kendry has developed a dreadful fear – the common house fly. Now, I admit that I don’t particularly like flies. I actually hate it when they land on my food, I even hate it when them come close to my food.  I’ve been told they poop every time the land, so my obsession with them touching my food is very rational!  However, I don’t freak out or anything like the little man does!  Below is a picture of him growling and chasing a fly away from our yard…his words “Get out of our yard!”


KC can have a complete meltdown. All of his muscles tense, he swats at them, he yells at them, sometime he even starts shaking…it is a phobia!  He covers his face and screams! Go away fly! I remember very well the day a fly woke him from his afternoon nap…not a pleasant experience!


Now of course….he is not drinking his drink because the fly got on it….NEVER!


Even the dead ones are a problem!  Fortunately, we have a really good housekeeper who comes twice a month and cleans, cleans, cleans, so there are no “Mosca domestica” as Juana would say!

I’m sure the day will come when he is over this phobia. When I talked with Dr. Drescher  he said “Come on Ali, I wish I could give you some clinical diagnosis, or even better advice, but there’s nothing we can do for him when he gets upset over flies…you just have to wait for him to outgrow it!”


It’s not necessarily normal for him to have this intense fear, but it’s not unusual, either. Kids his age can have these phobias – of bugs, spiders, and other creepy crawly things. But the fear will pass, in time, and likely shift to something else. Hopefully it will be something less prevalent than house flies next time.  Besides look how happy he was just hours later when he discovered that there were grapes growing in the backyard!  Yummy


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