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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Our fingerprints don't fade
from the lives we touch.

... Judy Blume

I'd be lying if I didn't tell
you that my stomach was
in knots and I almost felt
queasy when I learned the story! 

Have we been living a staged play with some of the characters who enter having very short roles to play, others, much larger....One seemed like/for sure he was/ a villain and others are good guys.  Are all of them necessary, I guess so otherwise it wouldn't be much of a play.
So as we have embraced them all, we are now ready to  move on to the next act.
The fingerprints they have left will be forever in our memory - but  we are now peaceful,  content, in love with what is in our future , and hopefully we will only attract to our family those who are in alignment with our highest ideals.   With lots of prayers we know we will heal!

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Nancy Mc said...

I need this etched into my brain. Loved this post!