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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Summer ~ Drifting Away

Another year another season and ….Just like that, the summer has once again slipped through my fingers-fast, way too soon, as it always does...leaving me wanting more!  Like the ice cubes in my Arnold Palmers, it has melted almost invisible, leaving me so thirsty for more just one more day!   No, I am not ready to see summer shut down yet, despite my love for fall.  My heart is bursting with memories, summer memories-something special and deeply cherished...

cheering loudly for those boys of summer and watching children being entertained

Mountains Majestic

Ballpark phones

Knowing my grandchildren are growing up and enjoying life

Halie Brevin San Diego


visiting the place where my father rests peacefully

Cemetary Marker

finding time to spend with loved ones


Moving forward to another season…shades of green and blue now fade to beautiful orange, yellow and red…

Do What You Love

grateful for the simple things, after all, that give us the most pleasure and help us appreciate all that we are blessed with.          

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Nancy Mc said...

Summer is gone to soon. Now we need to find some things to do and love about fall.