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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Memorial Honoring Fallen Miners

Grandpa Stefano Buffo Memorial Price Utah 2015

Guest Post – Jason F. Thompson

On Labor Day, in Price, Utah, the Carbon County Coal Miners' Memorial was unveiled and dedicated to coal miners that have died in mine accidents in Utah.

Last night, a friend of mine sent me a photo showing my Great Grandfather's name, Stefano Vittorio Buffo, on the memorial.

I am so grateful for the sacrifices he made, moving his family to a strange land where they had no jobs, where they did not speak the language, and ultimately where he gave his life, so that his family and their lineage could enjoy a better life.

I think Stefano would be extremely proud that the sacrifices he made were not in vain, that today he has given us the opportunity to achieve as much success as we desire.


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