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Saturday, June 28, 2014



Every now and then I think about the turns that life takes and I think back about all the crossroads I have come to…….


All too often I believe I can easily get distracted by all the little things on the surface that are going on around me and don’t notice that I am at a point where I need to make a choice that will make a real and lasting difference in where I am going.

I have probably missed many opportunities all together…because change is very intimidating and stepping outside of my comfort zone makes it easy to stay on the same old well beaten path. 

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So I am asking myself a few questions and looking for something inside that rings true:

Who am I?
Where am I going?
What do I really want from life?
What should I really change?
How can I grow into a better person?

I’ve seen many paths….there are constant changes every time I come to a crossroads …sometime is has been because I was so ready  to get out of the situation I was in….

Most of the time I was lucky enough to make turns at the junction that completely turned me around to the point that I was headed in a good direction. Unfortunately, I may have spent a bit of time going in the wrong direction….which of course helped learning some very hard lessons!

More questions:
What truly makes me happy?
Who do I really enjoy being around?
What are my real values?
Is this the right time to make a change?

After taking some time to answer and listen….. hopefully, I will see the crossroads for what they really are, opportunities!

Opportunity…. for me it answers these questions:

Is my heart happy?

Am I being true to myself in my current situation?

Is the direction I am considering one that takes me closer to where I want to be?

Will that path conflict with the values I already know I am not willing to compromise?

Am I doing my part to make our family work together to achieve our goals?

Today I want to be able to say I would rather have tried something and have failed than never to have tried at all and wonder forever what would have happened or where could I have been.

What I always hope is that I have taken away from every situation a lesson.  Because of  good parents, I am wise enough to recognize too, that I have the power to create my very own crossroads.

Whining, complaining, and staying unhappy doesn’t have to be a choice. Work, sacrifice, and a lot of effort are the productive tools to get me on the path where I belong.

As for me, I am asking the questions…..I believe the answers tell me…..I have a pretty good idea of where I want to be………..Family Forever!



Thank you family for helping me along the way….I hope I have brought you along the journey with me that has filled your life with joy, happiness, peace, and a love for each other that will never grow dim. 


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Nancy Mc said...

We have crossroads in our lives all the time. I'm grateful that our paths cross...and that they continue to cross. Thanks for being my friend!