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Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Beginnings

It's that time of year again. There is lots of "new" in the air. New school year, new season, and new directions in life.  The Red Door Saturday

We are a team…we are united in love…we are blessed to be together!  This is my handsome son with his world ready and waiting to be discovered and conquered however he chooses.  He has a tremendous support system around him, as do I. 

We have family who accepts whatever actions and choices we make and then we all pray to ensure that we are better for those decisions.  I have parents and grandparents who come to my rescue without expecting me to walk across water to repay them…(it would be impossible)…and I have a host of very close friends who keep us in their thoughts and prayers so we know we are never alone. 

Most of all I have this handsome little guy with a personality as big as life itself, he begs for physical contact and attention and he has totally claimed my heart in a way I’d not known was possible…

I am a very lucky girl!

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Anonymous said...

well said! nancy mc