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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dear K Bear of 20 months

Welcome to Month 20 Little Man.  Here are your stats for this month with out much change:

        Weight:         23.5 lbs

Height:         32.5  inches

Clothing:       18 – 24 month size

Shoe Size:     6 1/2 or 7

Teeth:            still just 9

Over the past 20 months you have had:


2400 bottles at least

600 baths probably more

bananas by the bunch

gallons of apple juice diluted with water

numerous (daily) temper tantrums

millions of kisses and hugs

and unlimited love

You like to do big boy things now.

And like all big boys do, you have a mind of your own.

Let’s just go through a few of your daily happenings:

My favorite thing that you have really started doing this past month is “KISSING” You are really into it too, you kiss animals in pictures, you kiss your stuffed animals and it’s so lovely to have unsolicited kisses coming from your cute little puckered up lips….BAM…you smack right on the lips. 

Next….You love to climb on everything, which is not as fun as your kisses.    We have found you on top of the table, washing machine (getting into the laundry soap), kitchen counters, the computer desk, and the chair in the computer room playing with the prisms in the window.   You are fearless!


And pushing the chair to the phone is so much fun for you.  When you get there you pull the phone down and say “Hola”


Because of this fearlessness this is what the kitchen looks like on a daily basis.   Chairs laying on their side, because you push them everywhere to get where you want to be!   UGH!

Mommy learned how to make bread this month and you were delighted with it.   Of course, you climbed all the way up on the kitchen counter, found you a big hunk and took off with it through the house.  DSC_0350

You are so happy feeding yourself.  You know exactly what you want and how much of it you are willing to eat.   Chicken nuggets are a big favorite with you.   We are so glad because we love Chick–fil-A.   Look at you being a big boy in your own chair at the Mall….DSC_0335

You are extremely possessive of anything that you think is yours.  


The PSP is yours…even though it doesn’t work!


Even Grandpa’s headphones are yours!

You are still an incredible dancer… No matter what you are doing, if you hear music, you start showing off your moves. You started off as an all arms guy, but now you’ve incorporated head bobbing, hand movements, bouncing, squats, clapping sequences, kicks, and stomps into your repertoire.  I’m hoping to get a video of this soon.   We never have the camera ready when you break into your moves. 

It is hard to believe that 20 months have already passed since you became the best part of my life.  I want, more than anything, to do right by you. To be the kind of woman you respect and admire. I want to be someone who is easy for you to love, easy for you to fold yourself into when you most need me. 

So today, I will hug you a little more, and I will play with you in the soft  white snow.  You will giggle as I smother your food covered face with kisses, until you grow tired of the kisses and push(SHOVE) me away. You will run away from me looking over your shoulder laughing all the way, as you hide behind the rocking chair… There is a whole world for you to explore, and my eyes will well with tears, because in that world there can be so much pain. That Little Man  doesn’t stop me from wishing the worst thing that will ever happen to you is that your “bobo” is lost in the bed late at night.

No one ever told me that letting you grow up would be so hard, yet filled with so much love.  You make mommy feel like the luckiest person in the world, and I love you to the moon and back with all my heart.

Happy 20 months Little Man,

Love, Hugs, and Kisses,


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