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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hunk a Hunk of Love …..Month 14 Today

Dear Son,

You are 14 months old today but I prefer to call you one.  So when people ask me I say he’s one….then add actually 14 months.  I imagine it will be hard to keep up with the number of months you are when people ask. Can't I just say one and one-and-a-half until you're two? I never know what number people want to know though when they question your age.

Anyway, this last month you've really got the hang of communicating. You know that your whiny growl will get you whatever you want so you usually do that first.  Sometimes you really like to stomp your feet and put your arms in the air…that is when you want to be picked up.  So your cute little tee-shirt that says “Pick Me Up….I Like Older Women” is really a hit! 


After the growling and stomping, then I try to get you to use sign language to tell me if you want milk, to be picked up, to go outside, or whatnot. Signing has not come easy, you loved clapping and waving bye-bye…but all of sudden you have stopped doing both of them.

You have learned how to throw a ball this month.  You also love to throw whatever you have in your little hands down the basement stairs and watch it tumble to the bottom.   Then you quickly say “uh oh” knowing someone will retrieve your lost treasure.

Summertime has been so much fun because you love water.  I was so surprised that you were not afraid of getting wet one little bit.   You just let the water splash all over you while you dance and play with the droplets.




We have let you have a sweet treat now and then ice cream, suckers and…. You love it. Cotton Candy was a big hit with you, after just a few little tastes you were yelling and laughing so loud everyone around you stopped to see what was going on…. I think you were on a sugar high.  I normally don't like to let you eat sweets. Unless you count fruit. But your favorite foods aren't too great for you either. You LOVE French fries….that’s any kind McDonalds, Chic-fil-A, and yes, even Garlic French fries. It's horrible that I even let you eat some but I understand your fascination. They are one of my favorite foods too.

Your stats for this month are:

Weight – 22 lbs

Height – 30 inches

People always tell me how tall they think you are, but both of these stats are just in the 25th percentile for your age.   Whatever you are we love you just the way you are. More than you will ever know. Well, maybe until you have your own child some day. I think that's when you'll really get it.  Your Nona told me that she loved me and my brother as much as I love you and I have a new found respect for what she went through as a single mom for those early years of my life. Thank you for being my little friend, my bragging rights and my reason for loving life so much.

Love You To The Moon and Back,


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