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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Little Man Has Strep……….Thanks Grandma!

  • Fever
  • Sleeplessness and night waking
  • Irritability
  • Refusal to drink from a bottle (a sign that it hurts to swallow)
  • Throws the BoBo across the room…..
  • Screams so loud it wakes even the neighbors…good thing that’s grandma!
  • Symptoms of Strep…………….OUCH!   Little man has certainly had happier days.P1090249 

    Kendry woke up in the wee hours of the morning burning up. I searched the house for our "digital" thermometer. Is it just me or are there other Mother's out there who has like 50 digital thermometers in the house and none of them work properly! Geez! The temp was only 99.7 so not terrible, but the screaming, clinging, and fingers in the mouth made me think more teeth are on the way.  

    So, this morning, Grandma took him to the Dr. - As she sat in the waiting room, he just snuggled up to her for a few minutes and then that was enough of that, the whining started. Didn't want to sit in his own chair or play in the kids area. He just wanted Grandma. And of course, she was just fine with that!

    Here is Grandma’s version of the rest of the morning:  

    As I was holding him, waiting for us to be called back, I was gazing at the Magazine rack looking at all of the magazines I could be reading. I can't tell you how long it's been since I have read a magazine or even opened the cover of a book while not being interrupted by little man! And, I really wanted to get up and get one. But I didn't. Holding Kendry in my arms like that was better than any relaxation time I would've had. I hated the circumstances as to why, but I loved it.

    As soon as we got called back they checked weight  22 lbs….then he promptly tumbled off the scale and everyone in the place gasped! , temp (97.9……what) - then for the ears....
    Ears were clear.... WHAT?????

    Next, the throat. The Dr. made this face and said well, let's test for Strep! WHAT????? Oh crap. I knew then and there that yes, Grandma….you gave little man STREP! Geez! Poor Little Man!
    So, after the diagnosis for Strep, we went to the Pharmacy and headed home. He was so pitiful! All he wanted was to sleep on the couch and of course, he wanted his Momma......but school started today so we won’t see her for several hours!  YIKES

    I love you Kendry! I hope you feel better soon…..like within a few hours please!

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    Nancy Mc said...

    Sorry to hear it. I hope you both are feeling back to your fun loving, hurry up and go selves very, very soon.