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Saturday, July 16, 2011



Where or where are we on this beautiful Saturday afternoon?  

Bugs, bugs, spiders, bugs, bugs, flies, bugs bugs, more freaking' bugs! If the heat isn't bad enough, there are flies nipping at you as soon as you step out of the car, spiders (hundreds) in the bushes along the trails, and gnats all along the shoreline. In short, if you don't like bugs and heat.....you won't like it here.
If you can get passed the bug infestation…Bison, antelope, deer, mice, birdies, and very few people….make Antelope Island a place you will remember.   The roads are long and have a lot of scenery to look at and it is fun to play "Spot the animal”, we only found a few, I’m sure it was because the heat was more than most animals wanted to be baking in!

The ranch at the end of the road is shady and interesting.   The ranger was cool....he told us that there were a few baby deer, some horned owls, and a porcupine creeping in  the local wooded area. We, of course, did not venture out into the brush.   We hate bugs, spiders, and especially the fact that a snake might be hidden in there waiting to strike.

This time I did not drink any brine shrimp...(a family joke) they are really not my cup of Dr. Pepper! 

The Island A view from across the lake.






Very few animals today………to dang hot!



P1080992P1080998The Ranch was nice and shady in spots!  


We finished up our trip with famous “Buffalo Burgers”. 

All in All we had a good day…..but I still hate the bugs!

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