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Saturday, July 16, 2011

13 Months of Love for Kendry

Dear Kendry,

Stats: At 13 months you weigh 21 pounds, 5 oz. (50%), 30 inches tall (80%) & have an 18 inch head (55%). You are wearing size 6 shoes… you have a collection of very nice shoes. 

Yes, we are many days behind on our blogging.  You have been keeping us so busy getting into everything and anything in the house.  At 13 months you are still the most amazing thing that has happened in our life.

This month you have been through a lot – the emergence and disappearance of your two top teeth.  A bout with some kind of virus.   AND No you are not sleeping through the night (thank you very much…for the wrinkles, bags under my eyes, and probably even some gray hair). And through it all we are so in love with every minute of each and every day and night.

One word to describe you is: Busy! Just a spunky little firecracker! You are always walking, clapping, waving bye-bye.  You love playing “Chase” around and around, taking turns doing the chasing. You are fast, little dude! You just squeal in such a high pitch whenever someone says, “I’m going to get you.”, and off you go running! You are still in love with the Sprout Channel, especially Patty Pig, Nina, Star, and the Wiggles.   You are a very fine dancer!

I can’t believe you still refuse to call me Mama, Alieee is what you say whenever we try to get your to say Mama!.  You have started to say something that sounds suspiciously like “No” on occasion. Oh dear, I must say that to you more than I think! And you shake your head very quickly No No No…whenever you are getting into something that is dangerous! Uh-ua and oh-oh (when you drop something) and you love to say “Hi”!  When the dog barks you always say Alieee…we think you know he is barking because mommy is coming home from work!

I can tell you understand so much of what we’re saying. You respond to words like “Get your bobo” and “Give Grandma a hug” and “Baby down”….you find a pillow and lay down!  So cute.

However, you are extremely stubborn and impatient like your Mama, you've started throwing mini-tantrums this month. The minute we redirect you or tell you a simple "No!" the feet start stomping and you drop to the ground on your butt and holler like we just told you Santa wasn't real. I mean, seriously Kendry. You just can't walk down the basement stairs, and you can't play in the dog's water dish or eat his food….. I promise, it's for your own good.

You’re favorite thing ever right now is to kiss EVERYTHING. You wake up kissing, you go to bed kissing. You’ve learned how to give real kisses where you pucker your lips and follow through. You kiss our hands, our faces, our feet, the couch, the animals, the window, your reflection, your stuffed animals and you even kissed the lady on the back of the magazine.  You especially love to hug and kiss other children. You’re still working on blowing kisses. You’ll put your hand up to your mouth and make kissy noises but haven’t figured out the last step of actually “blowing” it yet.P1080979

I love watching you learn new concepts and experience new things for the first time.  I don't want to wish for the days to pass any quicker than they already do, but I can't wait to do arts and crafts projects with you when you're older.

I love spending my days with you and teaching you new things every day. I love you to the moon and back Little Man.


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