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Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Bee

"Bee scientists always speak of the bee as she. It is because all the important bees are of that sex.
In the hive there is one married bee, called the queen; she has fifty thousand children; of these, about one hundred are sons; the rest are daughters. Some of the daughters are young maids, some are old maids, and all are virgins and remain so."
Mark Twain 1902


nancy mc said...

I love the picture of the bee,and Mark Twain quote. trav and I are wondering what kind of flower it was that we watched open nightly at your house many years ago.

nancy mc said...

Trav also wants to know....why he is never on this page?????

nancy mc said...

Do you ever look at these comments???
LeAnn, I have had some help in learning how to comment Yippeee!

La Dolce Vita with LeAnn said...

Yes, Nancy I look everyday, but I'll tell you that when I talk to you later tonight.