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Monday, May 2, 2016

Of All My Dreams–Hockey Mom Was Not One of Them

I’ve fully struggled with this transition to hockey life. I didn’t have any plans of having a hockey breathing, eating, loving kid but he has had other plans and surely, now we are all along for the ride.

He worked hard, he fell down a bunch but he loved it. Loved it. The highlight of every day of the week is going to the ice sheet – and not just skating – but putting on the gear and playing hockey -  and he is so determined.

Just a few weeks into lessons he was skating circles around kids twice his age. He did it. Now he is part of the family and what is a mom to do – but go along for the ride….And be Proud as all get out!

FullSizeRender (16)

he smiles the biggest smile when he hangs with these friends…or when he puts on his gear because he can do it.

And maybe this will be a one year thing and we'll move on to the next thing. And maybe we won't. Either way, I'm proud of Big K. For trying something new, for working hard – beyond hard -  for being determined to do it and not let anything get him down. He isn't out there comparing himself, he's out there working his little tail off – and I’m telling you – he can do it!

Yes,  now I'm a hockey mom and I'm the first to tell you, I had no plans of being one. And next season when the Mustangs come to town – he asked if we could please be a host family….OMG – My Kid – he will turn me, twist me, and get me in the end!   He melts my heart!

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