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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Up on the Roof

April was a particularly difficult month at our home.  Nothing life shattering or huge, but enough to keep us on edge every night.   The night terrors continue and they are definitely a problem!  We have tried to keep a routine, but sometime Little Man makes his own decisions about what he is willing to do! 

We've gotten assurance in the most unlikeliest places, from sweet souls who remind us that we are the only ones who know our challenges and how do deal with them.  We remind ourselves daily……we are doing the best we can or know how to!

Fear can rob a life of living. It can steal the breaths and take captive the memory building moments. And it can suck a life dry of Hope.  So today as a new month begins we challenge ourselves to follow our dreams, live as our Heavenly Father has asked us to, and believe that we will find peace.

Little Man  is often quiet, observant, attentive to others, and yet when he is filled with his joys he smiles more, his heart shines out in his every movement, he soaks up guidance to help him be the best he can be . . . all so that he can continue to do that which he cannot deny is his thing, at least for today. I want to go on roof!!!!photo (95)

It is wonderful to experience how Little Man doesn't worry about Tomorrow. He grabs hold of Today. Because all that really matters is *right now*!  It is his story, it is his life, and it is my blessing!

Having a son has taught me more than I could ever imagine. Little Man has shown me what unconditional love and acceptance is all about. He accepts me, wrap his arms around me, play with my crazy hair and sometimes wants only me to comfort him.

photo (96)

1 comment:

Nancy Mc said...

Let me just say, that I won't say what I really think about a ladder and a 2 year old the roof, other than scary.
No sleep with the night terrors must be difficult. I hope little man can soon have an end to those.
I still wish I could find a LeAnn where I live now. Miss you!