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Friday, May 3, 2013

Sunny Day

May your weekend be filled with moments that take your breathe away.


May you take time from the hurried life of the week to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.


May you find pleasure in learning something new with slow baby steps.


May you enjoy every minute of each day and stop wishing for something different.


May your weekend be filled with people…the kind you love most and the kind who love you! P1110145

May your weekend be filled with courage to step away from your self-doubt and let go of negative thoughts. P1110146

We all lead busy lives. We're surrounded by "noise" - all of it competing for our attention. We have endless "to do" lists. So for you weekend find time to listen to the still small voice of our Heavenly Father. He speaks to all of us we just need to quiet ourselves and listen and know His voice.P1110147

Blessings for a beautiful weekend!

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