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Friday, April 19, 2013

Energy Burning

2013-04-19 10.01.17

Here’s how we play in our backyard…someone calls out one of the colors, and tells Kendry to run as fast as he can to it…if he gets it right he earns a victory hug for his effort….or a high five or knuckles…JUST NO KISSES GRANDMA!!

After fresh paint last night, Kendry went out in his bare feet stepped on the yellow and didn’t like it one little bit!  Thank goodness for Doterra Lemon Oil…came off with just a drop and a little rub!

Just love how the lawn looks with it fresh new coat of paint after every mowing!


Nancy Mc said...

Looks like it would be so much fun. What a great idea!

Barbara said...

Such a CUTE idea! How does the grass hold up where you paint?

taleann said...

The grass is holding up well, we have cut it twice this season and the color is still there. DH says...it's only grass! XOXO