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Monday, May 7, 2012

Sandbox Fun

2008 Summer 163

In the corner by the picket fence and just below the little rock wall was my very first sandbox.  I remember spending hours playing in the shade of this beautiful backyard.  That was so many years ago, but the memory is still there.   I loved that sandbox.   Mom told me that it was gone the first time she saw a cat use it for a litter box!   Didn’t even cross my mind when I was a kid.

Dad now grows a garden in the spot and look how beautiful his yard always looks.   He never lets it go a day without being manicured.  I’m so proud of that backyard!P1020406I asked Jason if the sandbox was one of his good childhood memories and his answer was a definite yes!!! So many a sandbox later…one in Orem when Jason was only two, one in Kaysville when both kids enjoyed a tree house sandbox, and one in our backyard during their younger years here in Clearfield…(I have pictures but none of them are digital, so I will have to look through boxes and boxes to find them….) We now have a new sandbox, big enough to be called a mini desert or sandy beach!   DSC_0078

Grandpa Al spent the weekend building the box and today he hauled in sand and sand and more sand….and Kendry in the sand!DSC_0090DSC_0099Gotta get more sand…………………..DSC_0105


Kendry helped with the shoveling…it took him several tries to get used to the feel of sand on his hands and feet.  He finally warmed up to the idea that this was suppose to be fun.  It didn’t take all that long either…now getting him to come back inside from the sandbox is going to be a monumental task!  Time spent out of the sandbox is time spent waiting until it’s time to be in the sandbox again….without question.  DSC_0109 I’m not sure exactly what the classification is for what this fulfills, but whatever it is I know it’s very significant.  It completely absorbs and engages every angle of his concentration for lengths of time like no other toy or activity can.  I know it will be a sanity saver for this grandma…and soon it will be out that door the minute he wakes in the morning……  digging trenches, swishing sand, plowing fields, building roads, erecting bridges; it’s like the ultimate in creativity and messiness, in the hair, between the toes and yes even in the “Pamper”….

There it goes right on the top of the head…………….DSC_0118

DSC_0117 Kendy is in love with his sandbox….come on over family and friends for a day of fun in the sun!

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