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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Yes ~ Again God Has Called a Loved One Home


Today my beautiful, sweet, loving, generous, kind…Aunt Nell joined her family in Heaven. Over the past few months grief has taught me many lessons. It is the simple things, the little things, which are often the ones that make our life the happiest. I love and cherish every minute that my life was touched by my Aunt Nellie. So often we focus on all the negative that comes from our grief, which has happened way to often for me lately, but for me it is important that I look at the lessons I have learned and realize that my pain, my incredibly hard journey has taught me to be a better person, be a happier person, do more as a person, and love my life more completely and fully.

I am truly gifted with a loving family. Once again I am gifted with the ability to understand the brevity of life. I am thankful for every second of happiness that life has granted me. I love you Aunt Nellie.   Rob, you and your family are in my heart and prayers.

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Nancy Mc said...

So sad to hear of yet another loss. But I know there is a joyous reunion in heaven.