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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Celebrating 5 Of Kendry’s Favorite Things

Because we have a summer birthday…it’s time to celebrate with friends at pre-school. 

So here is our treat bag of 5 of Kendry’s favorite things this year:  
He loves --- apples juice, baseball, trains, rocks, and Legos (of course)!    Inside the little box marked Friends stick together are 5 hematite magnetic rocks.  The apple juice box says, “Kendry is juiced about Legos.”   The train whistle is a reminder of how often we go to the train park and watch for Frontrunner.   Kendry autographed (with lots of assistance) a soft baseball for each of his friends with his favorite number #4…even though he is going to be 5…he still wants to be 4.



Grandma Nancy…helped us make these great Lego soap bars….aren’t they just the cutest!


Here is the treat bag all ready to go……can’t wait to share it with our friends.



1 comment:

Nancy Mc said...

Cute idea for sharing with Kendry's friends. I love how well the soap turned out. The kids will love the celebration.